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Hair Transplants

01.Hair Transplants

Saçsızlık sorununun en etkili çözümü saç ekimidir… More Details



Estetik ve plastik cerrahi ameliyatları hakkında… More Details


03.Medical Aesthetic

Ameliyatsız ve teknolojik güzellik uygulamaları hakkında… More Details


04.Dental Treatments

Sağlıklı ve estetik bir gülüş için tüm uygulamalar…

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Estetik ve Plastik Cerrahi Merkezi


Esteticium; Latin word means "Aesthetic Center". Esteticum, which follows the latest developments in the medical field and adopts international methods and treatments approved by the World Health Organization, uses the latest technological tools, and provides personalized approaches and services through expert staff; dynamic aesthetic, plastic surgery and healthy living. We are serving with the principle of unconditional patient satisfaction by determining the needs of our experienced surgeons, medical aesthetic specialists and all of our guests in the field of beauty, care and wellness.

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“Definitely a place to go first excellent very nice environment 10 out of 10 highly recommend 👏👏👏👏”

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“Friendly and professional team, great doctors and VIP Service deserves all the praise to the end Esteticium👏👏”

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